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Articles about damp

SmartDry has been specializing in fighting damp problems in and around your home for many years. We have solved damp problems in many different homes. We also like to share our expertise with others, which is why we regularly publish new articles about damp control and damp problems. Below you can find an overview of our blog posts on damp control.

How can you get rid of damp

How can you get rid of damp?

Dampy damp, it’s a problem that occurs in many English homes. You may think that some damp spots on the wall is no big deal, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Damp on the ceiling

Damp on the ceiling?

Damp problems in the house are often visible on walls or on the floor and the ceiling of the house can also be affected by a large amount of damp.

Greater chance of penetrating damp during the rainy season

Greater chance of penetrating damp during the rainy season

The autumn months are of course known for large amounts of precipitation. If you haven’t ridden a bike through rain yet, you will be blown off

How can you identify damp in the house

How can you identify damp in the house?

In every house where people live, humidity can be found. Even in your house. People cook and shower, breathe and sweat. These are all sources of humidity that can enter the property.

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