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Damp on the interior of external walls?
Damp on the interior of external walls?

Damp on the interior of external walls? What can you do about it?

It is a problem that unfortunately occurs in many homes- Damp spots on interior walls. This problem in the wall creates dark spots and sometimes white circles due to the lime and salt. If you have these kinds of damp spots on the wall, it is good to quickly look for the cause of this damp problem. Sometimes this problem may occur periodically, for example after a long period of rain or a heavy downpour. But if the damp spots remain on the wall longer, then there is a permanent damp problem. This can have unpleasant consequences for the condition of the house. But how do damp interior walls come to be and what can you do about it?

The causes of damp interior walls

When you have never been bothered by damp walls and yet suddenly a damp spot develops, then there is a good chance that you will suffer from penetrating damp . After some time, cracks and chinks may appear in the outer wall of the house due to normal wear. This wear allows rainwater to penetrate the wall after a rain shower. Normally, the cavity wall ensures that the excess moisture is removed, but after a big rain shower, the rain can spread to the interior walls of the house. Another cause is rising damp. The name actually says it all, this is moisture that is drawn up through the wall of the house. This problem mainly occurs when the house is built on moist soil.

Damp problems in your house?

How can you recognize the cause of the damp spots?

You can actually see that from the place where the damp spot is on the wall. If there are spots on the bottom of the wall, the cause is probably rising damp . Are the spots pretty much in the middle of the wall or near the ceiling? Then condensation is often the cause. The causes of these damp problems are often difficult to solve yourself. The best you can do is call in a specialist in damp control- they know exactly what to do and how to treat the damp wall. Repairing the interior wall is only part of the solution. First, it is important that the interior walls are completely dry, so tackle the damp problem first at the source.

Choose the DryBricks from SmartDry

SmartDry offers a permanent solution against damp external walls. It does not matter whether it concerns penetrating damp, condensation or rising damp. Our solution works for every cause of damp problems. The DryBricks (the wall elements) ensure that the house can expel excess humidity and damp in a natural way. The interior part of the external walls dry up slowly and water is constantly being removed from the wall. Would you like to know more about this system, or would you like to request a free damp assessment? Then contact SmartDry today.

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