Damp spots on the wall?

Damp spots on the wall are a common problem especially in older homes, because of a rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation problem, or perhaps a property defect such as a leaking water pipe, sometimes it’s an issue caused by an imbalance of Heating and/or ventilation or simply excessive humidity generation.

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Mould spots in the house are bad for your health

Mould in the home can have major consequences for health. An air humidity value between 40% to 50% is beneficial for creating and maintaining a healthy living environment. High humidity has a negative influence on our airways and increases the risk of developing allergies and the growth of mould, Bacteria and transmission of viruses. When the air humidity is higher than 70%. House dust mite grows faster and humidity exceeding 80%. there is a greater chance of the growth of moulds and the release of toxic substances from building materials. Therefore, do not delay in calling in a damp control specialist to survey your property

Rising damp in the walls
Rising damp in the walls
Damp inside your house
Damp inside your house

Excessive moisture in the walls of the house

  • Rising Damp
  • Penetrating Damp
  • Condensation
  • Building defects
  • Excessive moisture generation (Humidity)

Solutions to the above:

  • Have the DPC repaired, replaced or installed
  • Identify the source of the penetrating damp and repair
  • Balance the heating, Ventilation and internal humidity
  • Repair building defects
  • Be aware of the humidity generators within the home and reduce that generation

Rising damp / Penetrating damp / Condensation treatments available

Chemical Injection Damp proof course -Injecting the wall with a moisture-repellent chemical: the most common method in the UK. This gel is hazardous to health until dried within the wall and has a finite lifespan – all chemicals break down as they age, there are three versions of chemical injection available, Low pressure, High pressure and gravity fed system – each have pros and cons. If you consider this option do your research first as costs and effectiveness do vary quite considerably

Waterproof Plastering – A polymer is added to plaster making it waterproof, the old plaster inside the house is removed to around 1.2 metres, walls are usually also drilled and a chemical injected and then the wall is re – plastered

Tanking or gravity drain systems – usually reserved for cellars, plaster removed, a membrane attached to the wall and re – plastered, for cavity drain system the formation of a sump and a pump to expel the water as it builds up.

Dry Lining – Dry lining is a new façade created over the existing wall and then plastered, it usually will be accompanied with either tanking, or chemical injections and additional insulation.

Air exchange systems – Passive and active systems available with heat recovery or heating included, these systems pump filtered air into the rooms which forces stale old humid air out of the building, usually most effective in dealing with excessive humidity and condensation issues – not suitable for treating rising or penetrating damp. To search for this type of system then use a browser and type PIV system. Air Conditioning is also effective for condensation / humidity issues

The SmartDry DryBrick System – Particularly effective in removing moisture from the walls 24 hours per day – forever, with a lifetime guarantee.

The benefits of this system is – little to no disruption inside the house as we work from the outside, DryBricks come in a range of colours – so we match the brickwork colour so aesthetically they blend in – however contrasting colours can be very visually pleasing especially on period rendered properties so you the customer can choose the colour you want if you don’t want us to match.

  • An environmentally friendly system
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • No mess, no damage – we take the waste away and clean up
  • Transferable Guarantee if you sell the house
  • Very competitively priced system
  • Free Survey, assessment and no obligation quotes
  • Superb and outstanding customer service
  • The System requires no maintenance apart from occasional wipe down of the DryBricks to keep them looking clean

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