Mould in the bedroom

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Mould in the bedroom

If you’ve never had to deal with mould in your bedroom before, chances are you’re wondering how on earth it’s possible that these ugly spots suddenly appear on the walls. The general cause of this is due to too much damp in the room. But where does that damp come from? After all, there is very good chance that you don’t have a bath or shower in your bedroom. However, many people sometimes use their bedrooms to dry laundry on days when the weather doesn’t let you take advantage of the sun and wind for the drying process. Don’t forget that you yourself create plenty of damp. A person loses an average of two litres of water per night through perspiration and exhaling. If two of you sleep in a room, that number is doubled to four litres per night. Over time, this can lead to a considerable accumulation of damp if you do not ventilate regularly.

Other damp causes in the bedroom

In addition to the accumulation of damp due to the drying of laundry and damp emitted by your body, there are other proven causes that can be the reason why you are finding mould in your bedroom. It is quite possible that penetrating damp from the outside wall can be the cause. This type of damp occurs when a wall is literally soaked due to persistent heavy rainfall and is not given the opportunity to dry. In addition, you may have to deal with penetrating damp if, due to subsidence, there are cracks in the outer wall in which water can seep, which then gets ‘stuck’ or tries to find a way out via your inner wall. Finally, it is also possible that you may be dealing with rising damp in your bedroom. Rising damp problems mainly occur in older houses where, during the laying of the foundation, no specific damp course was laid and the brickwork is absorbing water. Such a situation allows for the brick to literally get soaking wet.

Bad for your health

If you stay in very humid environments for a long period of time, you may experience detrimental effects on your health. Among other things, it can cause you to suffer from joint or muscle pain. Mould in your bedroom is also unhealthy, possibly creating problems with your respiratory tract or allergies. The common black mould is the main cause of all these types of health problems, however, don’t underestimate the danger of moulds that have a yellow, orange or brown colour. In all cases, it is important to remove these kinds of mould as soon as possible. Also, be sure to take appropriate action to solve the problem at its core, so that no new mould spots can develop.

Preventing damp and mould problems

You may still be able to dry your laundry in a different place than in a bedroom, but of course there is nothing you can do about the formation of damp due to perspiration and breathing out during your sleep. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have damp and mould problems in your bedroom for the rest of your life. First and foremost, ventilation is the main solution. Regularly open your bedroom window or install a ventilation grille. Not only does this make it easier for the moist air to escape, it also improves the general air quality in your bedroom considerably. You could also solve the damp problem in your home using an electric dehumidifier but be sure to take into consideration a substantial increase in your energy bill as these types of appliances are heavy users of electricity. Also, this electrical method is more of a temporary fix, rather than a concrete solution to damp and mould problems.

No more damp and mould spots thanks to SmartDry DryBricks

The smartest solution to get rid of damp and mould in your bedroom for good is the SmartDry DryBrick system. This is a completely natural ventilation system that makes use of the wind that blows around your house. The cool air, blown through each DryBrick by the wind, automatically attracts excess damp that has built up in your walls and then expels it. This method ensures that walls that are too wet become dry again over time and stay dry as well. As a result, mould in bedrooms and other living areas can no longer find breeding ground where they can nest. Curious to find out which DryBricks solution best suits your personal situation? Feel free to contact SmartDry now.

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