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How can you get rid of damp
How can you get rid of damp

How can you get damp out of the wall?

It is a problem that occurs in a large part of UK homes, damp walls and other damp problems. You may think that damp spots on the wall are not that bad, but nothing could be further from the truth. Damp walls are definitely harmful, not only to the home- high humidity in the house can also cause various health problems. That is why it is important to remove the damp from the walls as quickly as possible. That is not only good for the home, but also for your health.

Possible damp problems in the wall

When you notice damp spots on the wall, you actually already know that you have a damp problem in the house. But what type of damp problem is it exactly? It is best to have it checked by an expert in the field of damp control. There are a few ways you can identify the type of damp problem. For example, the damp spots are especially visible at the bottom of the wall during rising damp. Penetrating damp is usually visible in the center of the wall, or when the wall is stained with a dark colour. Condensation is usually visible on or around the windows and usually occurs in homes with poor ventilation.

Damp problems in your house?

How do you recognize damp walls in the house?

In addition to the spots on the wall, there are a number of other things that you can recognize as a damp problem. For example, the wallpaper can come off when the wall is too damp, you can often smell a musty odor and it can even happen that the floor warps (a little). But usually the damp spots on the wall are clearly visible, because eventually mold will even grow on it. That is not good for health at all. So if you notice that you have damp problems, do not wait any longer, but let a specialist take a look at it.

With the DryBricks you remove the damp from the wall

The SmartDry DryBricks are an ideal solution against damp walls. These wall elements are placed on the external wall of the house and ensure that the moisture is removed from the wall. These elements do not need external energy sources, the damp disappears from the wall by the power of the wind. The walls are completely dry in just 16 months and the quality of the DryBricks is so good that you never have to replace them. Not only do the DryBricks remove damp from the wall, but you will also notice that the indoor climate of the home will feel more comfortable and warmer.

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