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SmartDry Reviews

Since 1982, we’ve removed damp from over 30.000 homes and businesses throughout Europe. We have damp solutions for residential and commercial properties. On this map you can browse through some of our completed works and happy customers. Read on to see what our customers have to say about us.

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Damp Proofing DryBricks

James Smith

Excellent service. Dedicated work and well executed. Courteous at all times, gave clear explanations of the work to be carried out and the benefits. Clean and thorough work done, can’t wait to see the results and have the damp problems gone once and for all.

Paul Kelly

Excellent company. Even the company owner visited after our installation and sorted out one minor problem immediately. They also revisited to check my system was working 11 months later and gave good advice on overall damp control. I would recommend this company.

Damp Proofing Cheshire

Patrick Jones

A company to be trusted. I will certainly recommend them and their product to anyone with a problem of rising damp.

Damp Proofing Chesterfield

Damp Proofing - Chesterfield

Throughout the process Smart Dry staff were helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. In every respect a most professional service and an effective system which we happily recommend to anyone with damp problems.


Diane Fray

Efficient pleasant workman, punctual and polite. The damp proofing had made a tremendous difference to the condition and comfort of my home. I would recommend this company.

Damp Proofing Whitby Yorkshire

Damp Proofing Whitby Yorkshire

Everything as promised, on time, clean and kept work, mess and noise to a minimum. I was even contacted later down the line to check my system was working and that I was happy. Couldn’t ask for more.

Damp Proofing Lincoln

Damp Proofing Lincoln

My house was suffering from damp, condensation and mould in all rooms. A year later and I can see it has been successful in eliminating all the damp problems. The company was efficient in all their work and I cannot praise them highly enough. I have had the more traditional type of damp proofing done before which never worked. My home is so dry now and I never see condensation on windows anymore, no mould and no damp. So happy with work and would highly recommend them.

Damp Proofing Leicestershire

Damp Proofing Leicestershire

Excellent, everyone was extremely helpful and polite, work caused no disruption, rubble was taken away, work area was cleaned, I cannot thank or praise highly enough, my home is damp free.


Damp Proofing Nottingham

Damp Proofing Nottingham - Mr. Khan

Very efficient, cleaned up well, highly satisfied. It’s been 8 months and my walls are now dry after suffering with such bad damp for so long. This system really works.


Damp Proofing Warwick

Damp Proofing Warwick - Mrs. Pearce

Great system, it works and best of all, no mess, no re-decorating and no more damp. The house also feels much warmer this winter. I would recommend Smart Dry very highly.

Damp Proofing Guilford

Damp Proofing Guilford - Mr. Mistry

Excellent experience from the initial visit to the 1 year check up. The DryBricks were installed with care and seem to work perfectly. There is no maintenance and I can feel the difference, because it is much warmer now. In short the damp problems have been solved and I am very happy now.

Damp Proofing Oxfordshire

Damp Proofing Oxfordshire - Nadine & Harry Howell

This company was helpful and they really did a good clean job. We are very pleased with them. We told all our friends and now that our neighbours have seen the results they have contact SmartDry as well. 

Damp Proofing Essex

Damp Proofing Essex - Mr & Mrs Tailor

The installation engineer Anthony gave a very good explanation on what was going to be done and was very able and knowledgable. He fixed everything quickly and we are very happy to have had it done because it is still working. We recommend Anthony and his colleague doing the installation and are very happy with the overall service given by SmartDry. 

Damp Proofing Ipswich

Damp Proofing Ipswich - Barry Riley

Thank you SmartDry, very efficient from the start, all works carried out as stated and very pleased with all work done. Staff were very friendly and approachable and very tidy whilst carrying out the task. Many thanks again and will be confident to recommend your company to anyone with damp problems looking for a solution that works.



Damp Proofing - Norwich

Damp Proofing Norwich - Neil Phillips

We would have no hesitation in recommending Smart Dry Ltd. From the beginning it was clear we were working with an honest, open, knowledgeable and professional company. Oliver was extremely thorough and informative in his initial survey and identified all the problems. Anthony and Gonzalo happily worked with us in getting the works done and were always very friendly. Difficulties were overcome with no fuss and we were kept informed at all times. The finished job is truly excellent and sums up the excellent approach taken by Smart Dry. Excellent people to have working in your home and great to find a damp proofing company like this in Norwich.

Damp Proofing Norfolk

Damp Proofing Norfolk - Mrs. Susanne Gale

The SmartDry guys are very polite and professional. I have already recommended them to most of my neighbours. 

Damp Proofing Newport

Damp Proofing Newport Wales - Emilie Evans

The green aspect attracted me to SmartDry and the surveyor was able to give me a lot more information about that. Once I decided to get the installation done, everything went smooth and efficient. This feels like a solution you can trust. It’s been 2 years and our damp problem now seems ancient history.



Damp Proofing Powys

Damp Proofing Powys - Nicolas King

Prompt, reliable and well worth the money. 

Damp Proofing Swansea

Damp Proofing Swansea - Andy Byrne

Very efficient friendly company. All work completed exactly as scheduled. We used a damp proof course injection company 2 years ago and it simply didn’t solve our problem and our house remained damp. Smart Dry uses a 100% green solution that constantly ventilates the walls, it’s been 6 months now and we really notice the difference. We would definitely recommend Smart Dry’s ventilation bricks before you waste money on damp proof course injection. Really great clean up too. Thanks guys.

Damp Proofing Cormwall

Damp Proofing Cornwall - Russell McDonald

Very satisfied with everyone I dealt with at SmartDry Ltd, the whole job went very well from start to finish. Would highly recommend.

Damp Proofing Dorset

Damp Proofing Dorset - Mrs. Morris

From first contacting Smart Dry to final invoicing, I found Ben, Oliver and the installation team very professional, friendly and trustworthy. It was easy to contact them via phone and email for any questions that I had and got back in a short amount of time. The work was carried out to a good standard and left my house clean. Thank you to the team! I would highly recommend them to carry out any damp proofing work, looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months.

Damp Proofing Somerset

Damp Proofing Somerset - Ms. Hall

Excellent job. Really good clean up & very pleasant boys.

Damp Proofing Exeter

Damp Proofing Devon - Mr. Alec Underhill

“Very easy to contact and arrange the work done. Quick to get out to me with a quote and a good guarantee. Turned up on time and did a good job. Very friendly and would recommend.”


Damp Proofing Hampshire

Damp Proofing Southampton - Mrs. Jenny Lewis

Smart Dry gave us very professional and adequate advice. The work was done to a very high standard and comes with a lifetime guarantee which also ensures high quality of work. The team was very polite and the works were conducted in a very tidy manner. Would definitely recommend their services.

Damp Proofing Brighton

Damp Proofing Brighton - Daniel & Heather Cook

My mum had the DryBrick installed and recommended it to us. We contacted the office and everything was dealt with efficiently. Our tenants commented on how professional the installers were on the day. 

Damp Problem: Patches and mould all over internal walls – tenanted property
Location: Brighton – Sussex
Wall type: Painted cavity wall brick 

Damp Proofing Sussex

Damp Proofing East Sussex - Mr. & Mrs. Bell

Damp Problem: condensation and damp patches
Location: Hastings – East Sussex
Wall Type: Exposed Brickwork with Cavity

Your guys were very professional and neat and tidy, thank you!

Damp Proofing Kent

Damp Proofing Kent - Danny Green

Damp Problem: Rising and penetrating damp, overflowing drains
Location: Deal – Kent
Wall type: Rendered solid brick wall 

“I tried several chemical solutions before arriving at SmartDry. During the survey Oliver explained everything and I now understand why I couldn’t sort the problems with chemical injections. If only I had know this beforehand!”

Damp Proofing Buckinghamshire - Mr. Todd

Damp Problem: damp patches on internal walls
Location: Aylesbury – Buckinghamshire
Type of walls: Solid 9 inch brick, painted with damp proof paint

“The SmartDry damp solution is really clever. All the work was done from the outside while I was able to go to work and when I came back around 4pm, the installation engineers were just finishing the clean-up. I think this low-tech non-invasive solution is really Smart. I have been monitoring the interior humidity and have seen it come down gradually over the last few months.”

Damp Proofing Cambridge

Damp Proofing Cambridgeshire - Mrs. Reid

Problem: Rising damp in old part with peeling paint and black mould
Location: Chatteris – Peterborough – Cambridge
Type of walls: solid 9 inch brick, painted

“We found the survey very informative and felt the DryBricks would work for us.  After inspection it became clear that condensation was causing the troubles as well as rising damp. We had the DryBricks installed and it didn’t take long before we started to notice the difference. The interior walls become dry and the damp smells have disappeared. Finally we can use the kitchen as intended.”

Damp Proofing Hull

Damp Proofing Hull - Mr. Thompson

“Your staff were very good, quiet and efficient and a credit to your company.”

Problem: Rising damp and condensation in rear extension
Location: Hull – East Yorkshire
Type of walls: solid red brick 9 inch wall

Damp Proofing Newcastle

Damp Proofing Newcastle - Kevin Fletcher

” Chaps did a great job. I’m a builder myself and I know how hard it can be to deal with damp problems. Usually when we run across these type of problems it can mean serious delays and interference in our work. When a client recommended SmartDry it made sense. We used this on our own house now.” 

Problem: Terraced Property with crumbling exposed brickwork
Location: Newcastle  – Tyne and Wear
Type of walls: red brick with insulated cavity

Damp Proofing Scotland

Damp Proofing Cumbria - Alec Winter

No unpleasant surprises, everything was done as said and the damp is gone.

Rising Damp in lower walls 
Location: Whitehaven – The Lake District – Cumbria 
Type of walls: Solid Stone and Brick Walls – Rendered

damp proofing wales

Damp Proofing Gwynedd - Mr. & Mrs. Rhys

“The SmartDry team is very helpful and the DryBricks work like magic. We have see some excellent results over the last few months.”

Project: Damp Proofing Semi Detached
Location: Conwy – Gwynedd – Wales
Type of walls: Solid Stone Walls – Rendered

Damp Proofing Woodford

Damp Proofing London - Mrs. Lianne Paulsen

Project: No existing DPC –  Semi Detached Townhouse – White DryBricks in White Render
Location: Woodford – London
Type of walls: Brick Cavity Walls – Partly Rendered

We were in a bit of a hurry because we just bought the house and wanted everything done before we moved in. Obvious to say the planning was tight but SmartDry were very understanding and were able to get the job done quickly and it looks good too. It has been over a year since we have had this done and there are no complaints. We just had the yearly check-up done and the walls are bone dry.

Damp Proofing Hereford

Damp Proofing Hereford - Mr. Timothy Payne

Project: Damp Proofing Detached House – Red
Location: Hereford – Herefordshire
Type of walls: Solid 9 Inch Exposed Brickwork

I really think the SmartDry approach is clever. It was done so quick and easy. Plus it is completely green which suits my house in it’s natural surroundings. I can’t wait for next winter and see the results.

Damp Proofing Carmarthen

Damp Proofing Carmarthen - Mr. & Mrs. Hart

Project: Damp in Detached House – Yellow Sandstone DryBricks
Location: Carmarthen – Dyfed – Wales
Type of walls: Solid Stone Walls – Rendered

Our friends recommend us this new SmartDry damp proofing company so we were already quite certain that they would be able to do a good job. Still we are very impressed by the level of detail that goes into the work. The installation engineers – two lovely (good-looking) young men – worked non stop, even in the rain. The pointing and the colour of the units is spot on and there is no doubt that the damp situation has improved. We have already recommended this company to a few other friend in our area.

Damp Proofing London

Damp Proofing London - Mrs. Wilcox

Project: Damp Proofing Detached House
Location: Richmond – Greater London
Type of walls: Solid Brick – Rendered – Exposed Wood Beam Construction

We are very pleased with the fast end excellent service of the SmartDry team. They were wonderful in ever way, both in the office as well as on the job. The work looks good and now after a few weeks we are starting to notice the effects already.

Damp Proofing Devon

Damp Proofing Devon - Mr. & Mrs. Faulkner

Project: Damp Proofing Detached House
Location: Great Torrington – Exeter – Devon
Type of walls: Stone – Slate – Concrete blocks – Cavity
Damp Problems: High humidity inside the house
Built in: 1980s

This house is very exposed to the elements and almost all year round we had a lot of dampness. We’ve had other types of damp proofing done (a french drain and injecting chemicals) but we were never able to get rid of the last traces of humidity on the inside. You could just feel the damp. We were quite eager when we learnt about this Dutch solution when we saw an ad in the National trust magazine. I was convinced we finally found the right solution, specifically because the approach of letting the walls breathe. We were happy they could make it out to Devon and once the system was in place (al done very professional and fast) we noticed the improvements directly. Our house now feels much warmer and more comfortable. I feel like we have finally found the solution we had been looking for all along.

Mr. Patel

Project: Damp Proofing (double row) terraced
Location: Enfield, Greater London
Type of walls: Solid Stone
Damp Problems: Penetrating damp
Built in: 1900

Very happy with this system, has done the job perfectly. We can certainly recommended SmartDry and their excellent service.

Mrs. Morelli

Project: Damp Proofing Semi Detached
Location: Northampton
Type of walls: Solid brick – Painted
Damp Problems: Rising Damp
Built in: 1970-ies

I kept seeing advertisements of SmartDry and finally last October I decided to give them a call. The survey was arranged within a few days and the surveyor who came out was very charming and punctual. I looked at a few different options and finally decided this was the least intrusive of them all. The price was not far of from other quote I received. The system has been in place for over half a year now and I can really start to notice the differences. Most of the damp patches have disappeared and I expect the last patches will go soon.

Mrs. Silcock

Project: Damp Proofing End Terrace House
Location: Bootle – Liverpool – Merseyside
Type of walls: Solid brick – Painted
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Condensation
Built in: 1930-ies

We’ve had some damp proofing done in 2008, the walls were injected with some chemicals but to our great dissatisfaction, the walls stayed wet and cold and the watermarks did not disappear at all. In fact they even got worse! We were introduced to SmartDry by our neighbour who had it done a year after our chemical damp proofing affair, and she was very positive about the system. We gave it some time to see if it really worked, and after waiting for 2.5 years, we were impressed enough to go for it ourselves. So we had the damp proofing installed in September 2013 and now a bit more than a year later, the results are astonishing. It actually works much better than the traditional damp proofing. Several neighbours are now catching up on this damp proofing solution.

Mrs. Smith

Project: Damp Proofing Terraced Brick House
Location: Bootle – Liverpool – Merseyside
Type of walls: Solid brick – Painted
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Condensation
Built in: 1930-ies

In 2013 we got SmartDry damp proofing installed as the first in our street. We were actually very impressed with the results, the damp problems seem to have disappeared and there are is more cold coming from the walls. Probably because all our houses are painted, many people around us have damp problems. We have started to recommend this damp proofing system and now our direct neighbours have it installed as well as two others in our street.

Mrs. Turnbridge

Project: Damp Proofing Semi-Detached house
Location: Warwickshire – Kenilworth – Royal Leamington Spa
Type of walls: Solid brick – Plastered
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Condensation
Built in: 1959

We have had SmartDry DEW bricks installed in the spring of 2013 and are starting to notice the differences about now. We expect that with this new damp proofing system, the coming winter will be much more comfy than the last, which is great because we are planning to celebrate Christmas at our house this year!

We would just like to add how impressed we were by the overall service of SmartDry. There was good and fast communication with the office, and we liked the fact that the person who came to survey the damp problems was a real technician who could tell us a lot about the damp problems and was not just another sales person. We were away during the installation, but we had a neighbour overlook the work and when we came back everything looked just as it was, except for the new bricks in the wall, which can hardly be seen at all.

Mr. & Mrs. Ferris

Project: Damp Control Monumental Manor Lodge
Location: West Midlands – Birmingham – Solihull
Type of walls: Solid brick
Damp Problems: Penetrating damp
Built in: 1875

Soon after we had moved into our house, it became apparent that we had a number of damp problems.  We had a damp proofing system installed with chemical injection by a reputable UK company, but after a couple of years there was little or no sign of  improvement.  The company agreed to re-do some of the work, but the problems continued.

We decided to install SmartDry in 2013, and the results have been extremely positive.  The original damp areas have dried out, and there has been no recurrence of the problem.  Installation was quick, clean and straightforward, but most importantly – effective.

Mr. Young

Project: Damp Control Semi Detached House
Location: Northampton – Northamptonshire
Type of walls: cavity brick
Damp Problems: Saturated walls due to rising damp and leakage
Built in: 1984

The men from SmartDry were very friendly and fast to do the work. I phoned their office, discussed my problems and the next monday someone came by for the free survey. They explained me what the problem was and how to solve it. I really liked their solution because it works from the outside, which made it very easy to apply. The team they sent was friendly and professional. They did the work as explained  and cleaned up afterwards. I didn’t have to do anything. Now, after a few months, I started noticing the results and it seems like all is going as planned. These guys do the job!

Mrs. Mitchell

Project: Damp Control Town House
Location: Bath – Somerset – Bristol
Type of walls: solid brick
Damp Problems: Saturated walls due to penetration from exterior
Built in: 1890

I faced such a dilemma when I experienced damp in the house. I desired to solve the problem, but was so worried about my beloved garden that I kept on postponing to take action. One day a friend told me about the SmartDry and how they did such a great job for her daughter. The engineers were great at following my instructions for handling my flowers. The whole job took at bit of extra time, but I am content with result is and my damp problems disappeared soon after.

Mr. & Mrs. Walcott

Project: Damp Control Corner House
Location: Aldbury – Luton – Hertfordshire
Type of walls: rendered brick
Damp Problems: Penetrating damp
Built in: 1958

We took our time to find different damp proofing solutions. The costs were more or less the same over the different companies. We went for SmartDry because they were the most efficient and clear in answering our questions. And we especially liked the chemical free aspect of this damp proofing system. The results came very fast for us, we noticed the difference after one month and when we measured the humidity in the house we could confirm that the installation has really been working. We can recommend SmartDry to all our neighbours.

Mr. & Mrs. Findlay

Project: Damp Control Converted Farm Estate
Location: Menebres – Arles – Nimes – Provance – Cote d’Azur
Type of walls: Solid Limestone
Damp Problems: Rising Damp
Built in: 1770-ies

After we saw an add in one of the papers we contacted SmartDry and right away we had the feeling that we were in good hands. The first impression was very positive, and after that everything was done with great care. During installation, the engineers came across some crumbling old bricks which caused us some worries, but they were able to solve the problems, without any traces or extra costs. In short, we are happy to recommend SmartDry damp control.

Mr. Guenther

Project: Damp Control for housing estate
Location: Dresden – Germany
Type of walls: Plastered Granite
Damp Problems: Condensation and dampness from cellar
Built in: 1990

Our housing association was looking for an effective and economic solution to our damp problems. As the president I felt responsible for finding the best solution. I contacted many different companies, but none were so convincing as SmartDry damp control. The sustainable character of the product attracted me from the start.  We ran a test in one of the houses and after we everyone was convinced that this was the right solution we went ahead with the whole estate. 43 houses were treated.

The Dalwry Family

Project: Damp Control Beach House
Location: Isle of White – Hampshire – Southampton – Portsmouth
Type of walls: plastered brick
Damp Problems: penetrating damp and condensation
Built in: 1962

Our beach house has been in the family for years and has always provided us with a great weekend retreat. When damp became an issue we discussed things between the seven of us (brothers and sisters) and after a rather long process SmartDry came out as the best solution. The really great thing was that we were able to have the work done in the weekend. The Dutch engineers that helped us were very knowledgeable about what they were doing and explained everything crystal clear.

Mrs. Crofton

Project: Damp Control old private cottage
Location: Atherstone – Warwickshire – Birmingham – Leicester
Type of walls: plastered natural stone
Damp Problems: Rising damp
Built in: 1830-ies

I just needed a direct solution. I wasn’t able stand another winter in wet damp rooms. The fellows from SmartDry were prepared to come directly and were very friendly. They took good care of the work and all was done within a day. The remarkable thing is that since the installation, my arthritis has become significantly better. This was something I had not even thought about.

Damp Control H. Willibrord Church

Project: Damp Control H. Willibrord Church
Location: Oegstgeest – Leyden – The Netherlands
Type ow walls: Solid brick
Damp Problems: Rising Damp
Built in: between 1770 and 1900

SmartDry damp control received the commission for the Saint H. Willibrord Church in Oegstgeest, near Leyden. Like 30% of Holland, this church lies below sea level, so rising damp was a recurrent problem. The church board had considered many different options, but finally went for SmartDry because of it’s environmentally friendly nature. The board is full praise of the system, which has lead to a number of other projects for religious buildings.

Mr. & Mrs. Forsyth

Project: Damp Control Country Mansion
Location: Cheltenham – Gloucestershire
Type of walls: Solid Brick
Damp Problems: Saturation after leaking roof
Built in: 1932

We tried several damp proofing products before we arrived at SmartDry damp control. Every time the problems returned, because no other companies had actually thought of looking for the root of the problem. As it turns out, our walls were sucking up rainwater and causing ugly moulds on the inside. SmartDry quickly took care of that.

Housing Association Rochdale

Project: Damp Control Community Housing
Location: Zaandijk – Amsterdam – Holland
Type of Walls: Brick Cavity
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Penetrating Damp
Built in: 1920-ies

We were actually planning to build complete new front facades, but after installing the damp control system in one of the test houses the damp problem seemed to have been solved. Our housing association agreed to install SmartDry in 27 houses. And so far, we’ve had positive feedback from our tenants.

Eric Gallagher

Project: Country Holiday Cottage
Location: Saint-Malo – Brittany – Normandy – France
Type of Walls: Plastered Natural Stone
Damp Problems: Rising Damp
Built in: 1700’s

When I received your brochure, I was impressed with the detailed technical information that was given. As a qualified engineer I was very convinced by the technical design of the damp control system, that seemed much more sophisticated then the ventilation grilles you sometimes see. It was specifically this information that convinced me to install SmartDry. Now, after a year, the interior climate has improved a lot and all damp spots have disappeared from the wall. The result is very positive.

Mr. & Mrs. McGowan

Project: Damp Control Large Family Residence
Location: Borhamwood – Greater London – Hertfordshire
Type of walls: plastered brick
Damp Problems: penetrating damp and dampness from cellar
Built in: 1930-ies

SmartDry was the perfect solution for us. Very easy and convenient. After installing the damp control system we were able to convert our cellar into a guest room for our grand children who love to come here in the weekends. It has become such a cosy room and the climate there does not feel damp at all.

Mr. & Mrs. Hughes

Project: Damp Cotrol Country Manor
Location: St. Ives – Huntingdon – Cambridge – Cambridgeshire
Type of walls: natural stone
Damp Problems: heavy condensation on interior walls
Built in: 1890

After a pool was added into a glass house in the garden, we started getting very bad damp problems. Luckily we had heard about SmartDry and when we called them they were very friendly and ready to inspect our problem. The overall experience was very trustworthy and we have already recommended SmartDry to three of our friends.

Family de Kuyper

Project: Damp Control – Corner Town House
Location: Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Type of walls: brick cavity
Damp Problems: penetrating damp due to old jointing and rotting
Built in: 1936

We love our spacious American style house with many original wooden details. Unfortunately the many original details meant problems with damp walls. So we had a big refurbishment done which included SmartDry. The workmen sent by the company were very precise and respectful to our beloved house. They were more than prepared to discuss things and think along with us. This resulted in proposing different types of solutions, from which we could choose. The quality of their work exceeded our expectations.

Family Dr. Verhoeven

Project: Damp Control Country Residence
Location: Wassenaar – The Hague – Holland
Type of Walls: granite stone
Damp Problems: leakage from roof and severe condensation
Built in: 1850

Humidity is brought into relation with all types of health issues. As a doctor you know the importance of good clean air. This was a common prescription in the beginning of the last century. SmartDry damp control is the only damp treatment that actually focusses on air quality besides solving the damp problems. For me there was no doubt when I had to select the right solution for my family.

Mr. Da Silva & Mr. Atkins

Project: Villa on Atlantic coast
Location: South of Sines – Lisbon – Portugal
Type of walls: Natural stone and hollow bricks
Damp Problems: heavy condensation
Built in: 2001

We built our villa 10 years ago, so we were surprised to see damp patches on our walls. Apparently the damp ocean air was condensing inside our villa due to the temperature differences. We were happy the SmartDry team was able to come to Portugal to solve our problem, as we could not find suitable solutions there. The damp control system keeps our house fresh with good clean air and with dry walls, whilst our window and doors maintain open most of the year. Just the solution we were looking for!

Napier Family

Project: Damp Control farm house
Location: Thatcham – West Berkshire – Reading – Newbury
Type of walls: solid brick
Damp Problems: penetrating damp
Built in: 1890ies

The work was done very fast and the men ensured everything was left behind clean and tidy. But most importantly, our youngest son was suffering from asthma attacks and after the damp control system was installed, the number and severity of these decreased quite a bit. We will recommend SmartDry to all our friends and relatives.

Mr. Hardy

Project: Damp Control for large cottage
Location: Cranfield – Bedfordshire – Milton Keynes
Type of walls: Natural stone
Damp Problems: rising damp
Built in: 1860ies

At first I was rather reluctant to have work done on my property. It was my great concern to keep the original appearance of my country cottage fully intact. The elements were installed in the bottom part of the wall, where you could hardly distinguish them from the rest of the wall. I was very content about that. Also, I measured the levels of humidity inside and saw them drop steadily in the last year.

Allison & Derrick Lee

Project: Damp Control for Spanish villa
Location: Altea – Benidorm – Calpe – Alicante – Valencia – Spain
Type of walls: plastered Spanish hollow bricks, no cavity
Damp Problems: heavy rains cause flash floods and condensation in summer
Built in: the 1993

Even though we our house lies on the sunny Costa Blanca, we were still dealing with damp problems. At first we could not believe it. But then we found out that many houses in the Mediterranean actually suffer from damp problems and a neighbour recommended SmartDry damp control. The installation was done quick and professional and we like the way it looks.

Mrs. Evans

Project: Damp Control for all houses on Island Saint George
Location: Cornwall – Plymouth – Bodmin – South Coast – English Channel
Type of walls: plastered natural stone
Damp Problems: penetrating damp from rainstorms and heavy winds
Built in: the 1910’s

Living on a small island you kind of get used to the wetness. But after getting SmartDry installed, our houses became dry for the first time. Inside has never been so warm and cosy. And finally we don’t have to paint every year.

Michael & Laetitia

Project: Damp Control for French Village House
Location: Montémillar (Avingnon – Lyon) France
Type of walls: 60 cm Beaumaniere stone
Damp Problems: walls saturated because of floods
Built in: 1880’ies

After a summer of heavy rainfalls the walls were showing ugly patches and even after two years of waiting the wetness in the walls did not disappear. In fact, the patches were getting bigger. When we noticed that, we decided we had to get SmartDry installed and we noticed the results directly.

Mrs. Russo

Project: Damp Control for refurbished farm estate
Location: Nérac (Bordeaux – Toulouse) France
Type of walls: 60 cm lime stone
Damp Problems: rising damp
Built in: 1872

When refurbishing our newly bought farm estate, our contractor discovered many of the limestone walls were completely saturated from rising damp. He had no direct solution, but a neighbour had SmartDry and recommended it to us. Our main concern was to keep the the garden intact. We are happy to see the house and garden look just the way they did before, but now the walls are dry.

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