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Installation Engineer

We’re not satisfied yet, though. And that’s what keeps us innovating. In fact, we’ve recently upgraded our patented DryBrick damp removal system and created two new products.

SmartDry™ is the new international trading name of the renowned Dutch company owned by Iwan Schrijver, which was established in 1982. During the last three decades, this Dutch damp proofing company has become the European market leader in non-chemical damp solutions.

In 1979, Henk Schrijver invented a damp removal system that used natural airflow to draw moisture out of the walls of a building. Following installation of the DryBrick System in her property, an asthma patient noticed a significant improvement to her respiratory health. Her doctor wrote a paper on the case, which was presented at the medical conference for Asthma diseases in 1979 in London. This proved Henk’s hypothesis and the system went into production.

Our motivation is simple: create the most effective system at combating damp in the most sustainable way possible.

So what makes us different?

Unlike other damp proofing companies, our products actively remove damp from buildings, allowing the walls to breathe and keeping damp at bay – for good. By addressing the source of the damp problem, we ensure that excess moisture can no longer build up in the walls of your property or business premises. All of our solutions are chemical free and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our in-house research and development team is constantly prototyping and testing new damp removal concepts. With many years of innovation under our belts, we’re confident in our ability to provide you with the most effective damp solutions for your home. But don’t just take it from us. We’ve won a number of awards and are proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader.

  • Damp specialists with years of experience
  • Active removal of damp that allows walls to breathe
  • Chemical-free, patented solutions
  • No replastering needed on interior walls
  • Damp free lifetime guarantee

Green damp proofing

Damp is the natural movement of moisture, and it requires natural solutions to keep it at bay. Nobody wants to breathe in nasty chemicals or expose their family and pets to harmful sealants. That’s why the active component in our products is air. Just air.

This isn’t a new fad. Our system has been treating damp using natural principles since 1979. Damp proofing the green way, long before sustainability was even a consideration to most homeowners and building contractors.

That’s why the active component in our products is air. Just air.

A brief history

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