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Musty odor in the house due to damp problems
Musty odor in the house due to damp problems

Musty odor in the house due to damp problems.

You finally come home after a long day of work. You open the front door and are overcome by a musty smell . Such a homecoming is very annoying. This odor in the house is caused by too much moisture that cannot leave the house, which causes mould and bacteria to grow. This mainly occurs in places such as crawl spaces, basements, bathrooms, kitchens and garages. In general, this concerns rooms that are dark and / or very humid, where the degree of ventilation is insufficient. This way the mould in the house keep doing their thing and the musty smell lingers.

Damp problems in your house?

Fix the musty smell in the house.

A musty smell can be covered up with an air freshener in the short term, but this will not solve the problem. The foul odor can have a number of causes. These can often be traced back to damp problems at home, mould or lack of fresh air. The solution to these three problems is largely the same, namely proper ventilation. Not only the bathroom and kitchen need good ventilation, this is important in every part of the home. Outdoor air is generally a lot drier and therefore does not allow mould and moisture to spread further. Your body also needs clean and fresh air. With this you will not only help your home, but also yourself. Do you smell a musty odor in your home? Then we advise you to do something about it quickly. The bad smell is not only unpleasant, but also gets into your clothes and furniture.

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