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In response to the government and chief medical officers recommendations, SmartDry has now reopened under restricted hours. We are now visiting clients homes whilst following safety measures, in order to help you solve your damp issues. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Expert Damp Solutions

Unlike traditional damp proofing treatments, the SmartDry DryBricks exploit natural airflow to draw moisture out of your walls, without the need for harmful chemicals or sealants. We’ve removed damp from over 30,000 properties throughout Europe and offer our 100% Damp Free Guarantee on all installations. We offer natural solutions for a natural problem.

Your Trusted Damp Experts

Your Trusted Damp Experts

We’ve removed damp from over 30,000 properties throughout Europe and have developed solutions that are guaranteed to work.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Every installation comes with our lifetime damp-free guarantee. No strings. Just peace of mind for life.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of our company. SmartDry award winning solutions enable damp walls to dry, permanently protecting your property from damp.

No Need For Replastering

No Need For Replastering

Unlike other damp proofing solutions, our products are fitted from the outside of your home. This means no redecorating, no mess and most importantly – no stress.

100% Green Sustainable Solution

100% Green Solution

Inspired by nature, SmartDry damp solutions rely solely on natural airflow to draw the moisture from your walls. Without any harmful chemicals to break down over time, it lasts a lifetime.

How does the SmartDry System work?

Unlike traditional damp proofing treatments that are invasive, the SmartDry System exploits natural airflow to draw moisture out of the walls, without the need for harmful chemicals, sealants or replastering. In order for the system to work properly, our installation engineers install SmartDry DryBricks on all exterior walls, ensuring that the entire property is able to breath and ultimately eliminating damp issues while offering a natural, effective and long-lasting solution, no matter what the damp problem is; this is how we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee.

What type of damp do I have?

Rising Damp

Rising Damp

  • Damaged skirting boards and floorboards
  • Crumbling or salt stained plaster
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Tidemark along the wall up to 1 metre from ground level
Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp

  • Patchy stains which look and feel damp
  • Damp on ceiling and top of walls
  • Damp walls on 1st floor and above
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper


  • Black mould in corners or near windows
  • Damp walls on 1st floor and above
  • Damp and peeling wallpaper
  • Cold spots at bottom of walls

What our customers say

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    Keith W.
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    Karen S.

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    Thomas D.

Damp Control Expert – SmartDry

If you speak of damp in the house, you often talk about problems- and damp problems need to be solved. Many people think that damp is a general problem in properties, however, this is a misconception. There are different types of damp problems that can be found in your home and each problem requires a different solution or method of damp control. There is one type of damp that is a lot more persistent than the other damp problems that can be found in the house. The three different types of damp problems in the walls of homes are rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Once the problem is identified, the question becomes: how do you get that damp out of the wall? SmartDry’s DryBrick is the solution to all three damp problems. Unsure what damp problem you’re having at home? We’ll be happy to explain the symptoms of all three damp problems.

Areas of the house where condensation can quickly build up

One of the most common damp problems that can occur in a home is condensation. This type of damp has nothing to do with the foundation of the house but rather appears in rooms where a lot of water vapour occurs: i.e. the bathroom or the kitchen. When a lot of cooking takes place in the kitchen water vapour is created; when the kitchen is not well ventilated, this water vapour can condensate.

Lots of condensation in the bathroom

Condensation also frequently occurs in the bathroom. The bathroom is also usually one of the places in the house where mould can quickly form on the wall. Condensation is generally quickly found in outdated bathrooms with poor ventilation or in bathrooms with no windows. If the bathroom cannot be properly ventilated, mould can quickly develop on the walls. Due to health issues and other complications with mould and condensation, this problem should be tackled as soon as possible with a form of damp control. Do you want to know if you have a damp problem? Call in one of our damp specialists for a free damp survey.

Damp through building

Damp can also form in completely new houses as damp can appear when renovating or building a new house. When building a house, a lot of water is used, especially in cement and other building materials, which means that the building damp is already in your house. It is often difficult to see because everything looks brand new, but after a few years this damp can cause damage to your house. To avoid this type of damp issue, it is always wise to carry out a damp survey after a renovation in order to avoid the need to repair damp issues in your newly renovated home.

Damp control for the walls

Walls are made up of different parts: bricks, insulation material, cement, etc. All these parts make the outer wall an important protective layer for the whole house. Without all of these elements, we would most likely live in a wet and humid house. Unfortunately, due to a leak or damp walls, we sometimes find ourselves living in wet conditions. This can become a reality when the outer wall is in bad condition or no longer offers the right protection against the damp from outside.

How do you get the water out of the wall?

Damp control is what we have years of experience with. Using the most advanced techniques, including our patented DryBricks, we will work with you to ensure that your walls are damp protected in the right way. With many years of experience and research, we’ve applied the most advanced techniques to our products used for damp control in walls. This is how the DryBricks came into being. The patented DryBricks are exclusively used by us as a definitive protection and control against damp in the walls. We simply install these bricks between the bricks of your outside wall so that they can do their work. By using the wind, damp is no longer sucked up by the walls, but is now absorbed into the DryBricks so that it can be processed into condensation thereafter which it is expelled to the outside environment.

Damp Control in the Walls
Damp Control in the Walls
DryBricks installed in the Walls
DryBricks installed in the Walls

Damp control at home

Damp in the house is an annoying and, unfortunately, common problem. This is not only true for houses that are a bit older but also for newer houses. Damp can become a problem when outside walls are in bad conditions or when the drainage of the house is not working properly. There are solutions for damp. One solution is to inject chemicals into the wall, but not only does this option only work for a short time, it also have adverse effects on health. Whilst this solution is disguised as being a cheaper solution, it can become more expensive as you must constantly inject chemicals in the wall; it is much better to choose a more permanent solution. SmartDry has many years of experience in the field of damp control in the house. With our knowledge, experience and research we have developed an advanced and permanent solution into the market with which you can ensure that the damp stays away forever.

Our patented DryBricks are installed by our installation engineers in roughly one day, ensuring that the damp problems in the home are eliminated in an environmentally friendly way. The DryBricks prevent the damp from penetrating the walls and also absorb water that is in the walls into the DryBricks’ compartment. Once there, the damp is then condensed, at which point the damp leaves the brick again and goes out of your home. Once expelled, the damp no longer has a chance of being absorbed by the walls. The DryBricks are available in various colours so that they fit well with the rest of the wall; you can pick and choose the colours that you would like to DryBricks to be in to ensure they fit well with the aesthetic of the property.

Excessive damp in the house

A major problem that is difficult to resolve is rising damp. With other types of damp you can usually take action yourself, for example with a condensation issue you can install a better ventilation system or simply occasionally open a window. However, simple “do-it-yourself” solutions does not work with rising damp. Rising damp normally involves the foundation of the house. Old houses over 100 years old are particularly susceptible to rising damp as they are not equipped with a damp barrier. A damp barrier normally stops the rising damp. This damp is mainly found in the basement and/or on the ground floor.

How can rising damp in the house be resolved?

Generally, there are three effective methods you can use to solve rising damp. You will need a damp control specialist because it is not wise to try to solve this type of damp issue on your own as it is possible to make things worse. A commonly used solution is gel injection: holes are drilled into the wall and gel is injected into the property to remove the damp. This type of solution is not permanent, and as the gel is poisonous, this can be potentially dangerous. Gel injections are not the safest nor environmentally friendly way of resolving rising damp.

A more environmentally friendly damp control method is to create a completely new damp barrier. This method, however, is quite a hassle. It’s costs a lot of labour and constructions works which makes the price tag very high. Not only is it expensive, but it’s time consuming and normally involves heavy renovations. Fortunately, there is an efficient and effective damp solution for rising damp: the DryBrick system by SmartDry is often used to combat rising damp. It is a cost effective solution that is permanent, environmentally friendly and requires no renovations.

The costs of damp control

When choosing SmartDry’s expert damp management, you need to keep in mind that costs depend on several factors. Think for example of the cause of the damp problem and of course the size of the trajectory. If you choose to mount the patented SmartDry DryBricks, they can only be placed in external walls (walls that give to the outside). The costs per linear metre vary per wall type. For example, implementing the DryBricks costs £96,- (excl. VAT) per linear meter in a single solid brick wall. For a brick wall with an additional wall or cavity wall, the price per linear metre is £118,- (excl. VAT). If a wall is made of natural stone, the price per linear metre is £128,- (excl. VAT).

A permanent and environmentally friendly solution

This may seem more expensive than other traditional damp control solutions, but you have to take into account that it is a permanent solution against damp- a one-off cost- the damp problem is dealt with directly at the source and actually ensures that mould or damp stays out of the house, guaranteed. So the DryBrick’s don’t just fight the consequences or symptoms of the damp problems in the wall, they help to resolve future potential problems- such as a leak. In addition, SmartDry’s damp solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly, so we don’t use chemicals or other hazardous substances. When the SmartDry DryBricks are placed in the wall of the house, you don’t even have to be at home and everything is left neat and tidy. Meanwhile, the SmartDry system has been successfully installed in more than 30,000 homes and we have solved a lot of damp problems. Would you like to calculate the price of damp control yourself? Take a look at our pricing page, here you can estimate what it will cost to install the SmartDry DryBricks.

Damp control for the walls of a house

Anyone can suffer from damp problems in the walls of a house. These damp problems can cause annoying damage and leave an unpleasant smell, but the most annoying thing is that damp problems cause damage to the house and to your health. Damp walls do not only occur in old houses or in houses that are poorly maintained; during the construction of a house, building damp can also occur. Fortunately there is an ideal solution for damp, namely the DryBricks from SmartDry.

The advantage of a DryBrick

The DryBrick is the ideal intermediate solution amongst the other damp control methods mentioned. On the one hand, it is an environmentally-friendly way of counteracting rising damp. On the other hand, it is much less labour-intensive, which means you spend a lot less money. A DryBrick system is really advantageous for people with a small budget who still want to get rid of the rising damp. With DryBricks, the rising damp is solved in a natural way, and the way the system works it ensures that the damp problem is not only solved, but that the problem will not occur again.

DryBrick - Damp Solution
DryBrick - Damp Solution
DryBricks are available in different colors
DryBricks are available in different colors
DryBricks placed in a external wall
DryBricks placed in a external wall
DryBricks placed in a white wall
DryBricks placed in a white wall

Please contact us!

Would you like to know more about damp problems and the revolutionary solution, DryBrick? Please contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you. We also offer a free damp survey service for clients looking to solve damp issues in their homes. By having one of our experts come out, you will then know whether there is damp in your home and how big the problem is. If we find that you do have a problem, we will then be happy to make you an offer. If you do not have an issue, then you can relax knowing that you do not have damp. We have many years of experience in damp control and in solving damp problems. No problem is too difficult for us. We like a challenge and will be happy to work with you.

Where are we?

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Our central office can be found in Leicestershire and we are proud to cover all of the UK with our award-winning damp services. Contact us today to book a survey and one of our damp specialists will visit you.

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