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Do you suffer from damp spots on the ceiling?
Do you suffer from damp spots on the ceiling?

Do you suffer from damp spots on the ceiling?

Damp problems in the house are, in many cases, visible on the wall and the floor. But the ceiling of the house can also be affected by a large amount of damp. A solution (which we also do not recommend) is to mask damp spots on the ceiling by placing a piece of furniture against it. The only problem is that damp patches are very showy and difficult to hide and placing things against the wall actually makes the damp problem worse. In addition, there is a much better solution you can use to better tackle the damp problem in the house . But what are the steps you should take if you have damp stains on the ceiling?

The causes of damp spots on the ceiling

When you want to solve a damp problem, it is important to know what causes the damp spots. You can get started right away, but that is difficult if you do not know what is causing the damp problems at home. Various causes include rain damage, a leak or permanent high humidity levels in the house . When the cause of the damp problem has been resolved, you can then start with the repair work.

When are you dealing with a leak?

Are the damp spots mainly visible in the middle of the ceiling? Then there is a good chance that you are suffering from a leak. This is usually the case when the damp spots on the ceiling are not visible at the corners and edges. This is entirely plausible when your bathroom is almost exactly above the damp spots. One of the most common causes is a broken pipe, but it can also be that water leaks during showering or bathing. The best thing to do is call in a plumber. They can easily solve the leak, but also detect where the leak is located.

Damp problems in your house?

Are the damp spots caused by rainwater?

Are the damp spots on the ceiling mainly visible on the corners and edges? But especially close to the walls? Then there is a good chance that rainwater is the cause of the problem- especially with heavy rain showers or periods with a lot of rain, only then do you notice that the spots are really damp. If the weather has been nice for a while, these damp spots will dry up. Then it is clear that the walls and roofs of the house do not provide sufficient protection against rainwater. Certainly when there are cracks in the walls and roof, it can clearly be a cause of the spots. The best thing to do is to hire a roofer to have the roof damage repaired.

Very high humidity in the house

If it is too humid in your house, this moist air ca accumulate on the ceiling. This is because the water vapor ( condensation moisture ) is lighter than normal dry air. When you ventilate the house sufficiently, you will usually not be bothered by this, but if the moisture cannot escape because the house is too well insulated, then the moisture will penetrate the walls and ceiling. This causes the paint to peel off and create unsightly damp spots. If so, opt for a permanent solution to remove the damp in the wall. You can then opt for the DryBricks from SmartDry.

Remove or mask the damp spots?

Once the cause of the damp spots on the ceiling has been found and resolved, it is time to fix things. There are different methods to remove or mask the damp spots. You can choose to paint or plaster the ceiling. Each solution has a different price tag. What you can do is take pictures of the places in question, you can then show this at a hardware store and they can advise you on the most suitable solution.

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