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SmartDry has been the specialist in damp control in Reading and the surrounding area since 2013. Do you live near Reading and do you have a damp problem in your house? Have it solved by SmartDry. We can help you, regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom. Fill out our webform for a free damp assessment or contact us by phone to book it today. SmartDry is here for you!

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Do you suffer from damp problems in your home in Reading?

Damp problems in a home or in any type of building are one of the biggest problems among home or building owners. Damp can be caused by external conditions, such as rising damp or rainwater; leaks cause damage and concerning situations in the home, especially because not all walls are built in the most practical ways, so damp can easily occur. It is not possible to stop all external conditions from affecting your home, but it is now possible to get rid of the problem permanently with SmartDry. Do you live in the Reading region and are you looking for a permanent damp solution in your home? Then SmartDry is the company you’re looking for. SmartDry offers a permanent solution for damp problems in Reading. Whilst other solutions require the house to be renovated or refurbishment is necessary, the SmartDry DryBick System does not. With SmartDry you will have a simple and permanent solution to a complicated problem.

Expert damp control in Reading

A damp problem can usually be recognised by damp walls, water damage, foggy windows and the smell of mould that spreads in the rooms of a home. Is this recognisable in your home in Reading? You are certainly not the only one who has this problem in your home. Many households are affected by this problem and are in a hurry to find a permanent solution. People often make the mistake of trying to tackle the damp issues on their own. For example, they will choose to put a new wallpaper where the damp wallpaper now hangs, or they will start painting over walls that have been affected by damp. It is true that the damp problem may no longer be visible, but this is only temporary, as the damp has been hidden, but the actual problem has not been solved. On the contrary, as you have only tackled the symptoms of the problem, the damp persists and will shortly reappear, with worsened underlying conditions. It is a much better idea to identify and resolve the problem at the source so that these symptoms no longer appear.

How can you identify damp problems?

Damp problems in the home can be recognized in different ways. For example, by looking at the paint on the walls. As soon as paint starts to crumble or peel, there is a good chance that there is a damp problem behind it. Wall paint is good at adhering to materials such as stone or concrete, but as soon as water gets between the wall and the paint layer, the paint cannot adhere properly and it will either crumble or peel off. Damp problems can also be clearly seen on wallpaper. Wallpaper has a certain pattern or colour. As soon as the patterns fade or if you see stains or discolourations on the wallpaper, there is a strong chance that there is a damp problem. The same goes for dark and humid areas- for example, common damp problems are usually found in the bathroom. Every bathroom should be equipped with either a window or a good fan that ventilates the moisture in the air to the outside, otherwise you will likely find yourself having to deal with mould in the bathroom. If these elements are in place, the chances that mould will develop in the bathroom will diminish. If there is a damp problem, you will be able to recognize this by the dark spots on the walls or the peeling off of the paint. Also, mould will show up on the corners and joints of the walls, creating dark black spots or visible mould spores.

Do you have a damp problem in the house?
Do you have a damp problem in the house?
Do you suffer from condensation in your home?
Do you suffer from condensation in your home?

The causes of damp problems

The causes of damp problems in the home or in a building are very diverse. The causes often are not identified quickly, only when proper research is done can you find the answer. A problem with damp in the house is not always easy to solve. In order to properly solve a damp problem, you must always look for the source. Once you have found the source, you will work more effectively by tackling the source rather than focusing on the symptoms (damp patches, mould spores, peeling wallpaper, etc). It is also important to understand the most common causes of damp problems in Reading, or your surrounding area, so that you can better understand how our SmartDry damp solutions will effectively resolve your problems.

A common damp problem can be caused by rising damp. But what exactly is that? This is when water build-up is noticeable on the walls of the lower floor of a building, from the floor up. The damp comes from the ground. The actual cause comes from the support of the walls, as many of the materials used to make them have the ability to absorb water through capillary suction. The water from the ground is drawn up through the walls and over time becomes visible on the paint or on the wallpaper of the ground floor walls. This process can be accelerated when the material of the wall expires or becomes damaged. Think of damaged mortar or damage in materials used for masonry- water has a greater chance of breaking through if the material is damaged.

A different type of damp that you may also encounter is penetrating damp. This is water that literally enters the house because there are cracks or other damages in the outer walls or roofing. This problem can be found on all floors of the house. Penetrating damp can even present itself in the attic if, for example, especially if there is a loose roof tile. People usually notice this problem when it has rained because rainwater enters the house through these cracks or holes in the property.

Yet another problem is condensation. This is sometimes an unavoidable damp problem. Condensation is released during breathing, as well as during other daily activities such as drying laundry, cooking, showering, having home plants, doing sporting activities, etc. How does condensation occur? It is best explained through the example of cooking. Steam is generated during cooking (steam consists of many small water droplets). Humid air (or steam) has the characteristic that it travels to a surface where the temperature is colder than the air itself. This is where the steam will attach itself and where water droplets will begin to appear and come together resulting in larger water droplets that become visible- this is condensation. Because warm air rises and outer walls or roofing are generally cool areas, you normally find condensation issues forming on the ceilings. On another note, due to the lower temperatures outside, you can also find condensation forming on windows. If the walls do not have the right paint or if the damp cannot find its way out of the building properly, mould can form on the ceilings, the walls, the upholstery and even on clothes when damp gets into the wardrobes. It is advisable to wipe damp walls, windows and, if possible, the ceiling with a cloth so that the damp does not settle and get absorbed into the walls. Make sure that you wring out the cloth so that the water is actually removed. Also, do not put the used cloth on the radiator to dry because this will only cause more damp to enter the room. Please keep in mind that years of condensation issues in a home can also penetrate the walls and saturate them with damp.

Where do damp problems occur most often?

Damp problems are most common in rooms and areas where the damp is easily formed and is also difficult to remove. For example, rooms that are placed a bit more underground have an increased risk of damp problems. Another example are bathrooms. As a matter of fact, not all houses are built in a practical way where both a window and a good air outlet are placed in the bathroom. Actually, some bathrooms don’t even have a window! Honestly, that wouldn’t be such a big problem if the drain works properly or if there were an external ventilation system in place, but that is not always the case in every house. In many homes the drain is substandard and therefore the bathroom becomes a popular place for mould to form. The formation of steam in the bathroom is also almost inevitable, as hardly anyone takes a cold shower. When you take a lovely hot shower, a lot of steam will be generated- the steam then spreads throughout the bathroom and it seems like you’re in a Turkish or steam sauna- if this happens, you know that the drains or ventilation system in the bathroom is not working properly. Steam has to be drained, it should escape to the outside and should not get stuck in the bathroom or go into the home, because then damp issues- in particular condensation issues- will arise. These types of bathrooms are mainly susceptible to the development of mould on the walls and ceilings.

Another room where many damp problems occur is the kitchen because during cooking there is also a lot of steam released that is difficult to dislodge. A good lid on pots and pans, cooking with the window open, and a ventilation system are the best ideas to avoid damp issues. If you don’t have those options, then it’s important to always minimise the creation of steam and remove as much damp as possible so that mould doesn’t form.

A cellar is a place where groundwater often enters. This is another place on our list where many damp problems can occur. The same goes for a crawl space that can fill itself nicely with water and this in turn causes damage in your home in Reading.

SmartDry offers the solution to damp problems

But what is the solution to all these problems? SmartDry is the expert in damp control in Reading and offers you a solution that really works. A solution that is inexpensive, practical and permanent. No additional costs are involved- SmartDry is a green solution that doesn’t use chemicals nor electricity! The secret to the solution lies in the exclusive to SmartDry patented technology of the DryBrick. The DryBrick is an innovative way to solve any and all damp problems. Unlike other solutions, it is a natural way of solving damp problems. The principle of this solution is simple- the patented DryBricks are installed in the exterior walls of the house, by means of physics the water in the walls is removed in a natural way. The best part is that SmartDry does not offer a temporary solution or a simple “cover up” to remedy the damp symptoms, SmartDry in fact offers a permanent solution to your damp problems. The solution that SmartDry offers is not only very practical, but also a sustainable one. No energy needs to be generated or used for the system to work, making it a durable and cost effective solution. Smartdry installs their DryBricks once and your damp problems are solved for good!

DryBrick - Damp solutions for your home
DryBrick - Damp solutions for your home
SmartDry damp solution in the wall
SmartDry damp solution in the wall

The importance of air in the DryBricks

The solution of the patented DryBricks is found in the operation of air in combination with the smartwings technology that the DryBricks have been designed with. Once the bricks are in place, the damp is removed by the wind coming in contact with the Drybricks. Naturally, wind circulates around the house where the bricks have been installed, ensuring that there is a cooling process occurring in the elements of the DryBricks. The airflow cools the elements inwards using the patented Drybricks smartwings technology, which takes advantage of the fact that moisture in the air or in the walls is always attracted to colder places. The water then collects in the form of condensation in the air chambers of the patented DryBricks, this in turn results in the water being transferred to the cavities within the elements of the DryBricks. The same airflow that brought the moisture here through the cooling process also ensures that the damp is then transported to the outside.

This is a natural way for the DryBricks to work and tackle any damp problem. Through the natural principles of air and ventilation and of course the evaporation of water, it is even possible to dry out the most saturated and humid walls. The solution offered by this is applicable to both rising and penetrating damp problems. With SmartDry, you can count on the guarantee that damp will be removed from the walls, transported outside, natural airflow will be used optimally and that no artificial source of energy needs to be used for it to work- even the insulating properties of your walls will be optimised with the patented Drybricks.

The patented DryBricks by SmartDry Warranty

Of course, it all sounds fantastic that walls can be completely dried out and that further damp problems are prevented. But does it really work? The answer is YES! SmartDry offers a warranty if you decide to use the patented DryBricks to solve your damp problems. For example, SmartDry guarantees that normal walls that currently have a normal damp problem will dry out within six months to a year, whilst completely saturated walls or special walls may take a few months longer. Regardless, the end result is the same, dry walls for good! Once the walls become dry, the wall retains its structure and is protected against further damp problems. Every 24 hours about 266 cubic centimetres of water is removed through each patented DryBrick installed in a wall. The DryBricks do not require any maintenance once they have been installed. What’s more, they come into effect immediately after installation, which means that it is not necessary to use artificial energy sources to operate them. Last but not least, it is also important to know that the DryBricks are durable, they last a lifetime and never need to be replaced. The quality of the DryBricks will not diminish or break down over time because they are made of durable materials that will not wear out.

The operation of the DryBricks in a nutshell

How does it work? The patented DryBricks are installed in the outer, or exterior, walls, then the breeze or the wind outside ensures that air flows through each element of the DryBrick. All elements are equipped with our new smartwings that protrude outwards. The function of these smartwings is to catch the air flow and direct it to the inner chamber. The airflow that has just been brought in causes a slight drop in pressure in the room, which cools the direct surrounding of the niche. The temperature difference creates a dew point and the condensation process inside the DryBrick is activated. The damp in the walls now begins to condense on the porous layer- beit the walls themselves or the DewBrick installed. Due to a strong capillary action, the water is drawn towards the DryBrick. This is part of the self-regulating process. The low pressure that caused the temperature in the room to drop is still working within the DryBrick- this then has the effect of the evaporation of the water. There is constant perspiration in the porous layer- moist air is constantly brought to the room where the water evaporates. As soon as this evaporation takes place, a direct transport to the outside takes place. The installed DryBricks each have the ability to dissipate 266 cubic centimetres of water per 24 hours into the air. This process will continue to be repeated as long as the DryBricks remain installed. This makes it a permanent, practical and sustainable solution to the damp problem in the wall. You never have to replace the DryBricks, but it is recommended that you clean the DryBricks once a year.

Professional installation of the DryBricks
Professional installation of the DryBricks
Mounting the DryBricks in the wall
Mounting the DryBricks in the wall

How are the DryBricks installed?

To answer this question, it is very important to know in which walls the elements can be applied. The DryBricks can be used in almost all walls used to build all types of buildings in Reading. They can be used in brick walls, stone walls, cavity walls, plastered walls, insulated walls and historic walls.

The DryBricks are installed in the outer (or external) walls by professional SmartDry installers. Nothing needs to be done on the inside of the building, in fact, it is not necessary to replace the internal walls or to move furniture inside. To complete the installation, it takes the SmartDry installers approximately one day to install- but this may vary depending on the size of the property. What’s great is that you don’t have to worry about the mess, because after installing the system, the installers will also make sure that everything is neatly cleaned up. The system starts working from the moment it has been installed and there is no need to use artificial energy sources. You can start seeing results as early as a couple of months from installation and the walls will continue to become drier with time- the indoor climate will also become much more pleasant, comfortable and warmer.

You don’t even need to be at home during installation, we understand that you have other things to do. Because it often takes a day to install and we work from the outside, as long as you provide us with electricity and water for the tools of the installers, we can get on with the job and you don’t need to be at home for the installation.

The different options of DryBricks

The DryBricks come in two different shapes and in many colours. SmartDry gives you the power to make your choice on the shape and colour! The installer will always take a number of samples with him so that he can show you exactly what the possibilities are before they are finally installed. The installers are skilled, so if you have any questions before or after installation, they can always give you the best advice.

If you use the services of architects or designers for your home, it is always possible to coordinate SmartDry’s installation work with that of the architects and designers so that together we can ensure that your project is created in unison and as a whole. You can mix and match colores- you can always choose different colours of DryBricks to match the colours of the walls in different parts of the house or in the garden. Colours you can choose from include old white, marble white, forest brown, basalt black, yellow sandstone or brick red. Also, you don’t have to worry about the size of the bricks, they do not protrude more than two centimetres so they will not get in the way. A large part of the elements are nicely hidden in the wall. The two-centimetre protrusion is caused by the smartwings. Also, keep in mind that the depth of each element will vary for each type of wall and are made on site.

The story of SmartDry

We have more than 35 years of combined experience in damp solutions and have helped more than 30,000 homeowners across Europe. But how did our success come about?

In 1982 the parent Dutch company was founded by the inventor of the original DryBrick. The company quickly grew on a European level as a company that finds solutions for damp problems free of harmful chemicals- or any chemicals at all. In 1979 the damp solution system that we work with now was invented by our founder. In order to test the system as recommended by a doctor, it was placed in the home of an asthma patient. This person noticed an improvement in her health and her respiratory problems decreased after installation of the system. The person’s doctor has written an article on the case and the article was presented in the year 1979 at the medical conference for asthma disorders in Reading- and so the hypothesis of the system as a damp solution was proven and the production started.

The difference with other solutions against damp

There are many different types of damp control companies in Reading, each with their own ideas about how best to remove damp from buildings. Occasionally, this also involves chemicals. It is not the intention that people should experience damage to their health when fighting damp in their homes. In our opinion, the important thing is to improve human health by removing damp in buildings- this does not include the use of chemicals. It is also our main goal not to tackle the symptoms, but to really look at the source. Where does the damp come from? What is the size of the problem and how do we solve it? That’s how we came up with our DryBricks, which ensure that the problem is tackled at the source and provides a permanent, easy-to-use, chemical-free and sustainable solution.

With the DryBricks installed, excess damp has no chance to build up and water that forms is removed naturally. The solutions we offer are free of chemicals and have a lifetime warranty. We always ensure that extensive research is carried out into the functioning of our products. We also conduct tests and closely monitor the results. The tests are carried out by our in-house research and development team. It is certainly not a new trend that we are tackling damp with air. By conducting extensive research into the effects of air on moisture, we are able to fully develop our DryBricks product in this area. No one wants to have to breathe hazardous chemicals while the solution to the problem can also be found in nature.

Why choose SmartDry’s damp control system?

First of all, we contribute to human health. By offering a solution to damp problems and using only nature, mould has no chance of damaging health, damp spots have no chance of forming and it is therefore not necessary to use harmful substances to solve damp problems.

In addition, we have won prizes with our system. Including “Best invention of the year: National Ideas Bus 1988”. We received this award after the patent for the DryBrick system was obtained in 1988. We have since developed the DryBrick system further and have come out with our newly patented product the DryBrick 2.0 invented by our very own Cornelis Schrijver.

Our specialists are always on the lookout for the latest developments so that we can check whether the products will still work optimally. Is there anything to improve? If we find it, we will. We are committed to keeping our services at their best for all our customers so that everyone can be helped in their fight against damp. Our solutions are always environmentally friendly. The environment is of paramount importance to us. We believe that it is not necessary to use harmful and unnatural substances at all, while the efficient effect can also be achieved simply by means of the substances that we can obtain from nature. We appeal to the air- air has a perfect effect against damp. The natural airflow is the basis for our products. By working in this way, we want to set an example for companies specialising in damp control in Reading. There is no need to rob yourself of good health by using harmful substances or spending more money by tackling symptoms instead of solving damp at the source. By tackling the problems of damp at the source with a permanent solution and leaning on the solutions that nature has to offer, SmartDry will only benefit your own health and your wallet.

Another reason to choose us is that the installation can be carried out fairly quickly. Also, there is no need for you to be at home (as we work from the outside) and we clean up after ourselves, ensuring a neat installation. We make sure that we arrange a permanent damp solution for you and we provide you with good advice. We also make sure that we always leave everything as neatly as possible so that you are not hindered by our work. Finally, we are always open to suggestions. After all, you are in charge of your own home. It is therefore important that you always inform us of your wishes so that we can start working with them. Whether it’s about the colours of the bricks or their shape, we’re always open to your suggestions.

We offer you a damp-free lifetime warranty. This means that we really make sure that from the moment we have installed the DryBricks we begin solving the existing damp problems and we avoid any future damp problems. Once the DryBricks have been installed, they immediately begin working to solve the problem forever.

Interested in our damp control system for your property in Reading?

A mould problem caused by damp in the house is recognizable for many people. A damp problem in itself is also a frequently heard complaint from homeowners. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on arranging a permanent solution to these problems. You can rely on the services of SmartDry for this. We offer you the solution you need for now and forever. You can always contact us to make an appointment for a free damp assessment. During the free damp assessment one of our experts will look at the nature of the problem. We will look at where the cause is coming from and what the damage is at the moment. In this way we can look at the possibilities to get rid of this problem permanently and give you a free no obligation quote of the works. This assessment is especially useful to find out for yourself what kind of damp problem you are dealing with and what the best solution is. It is also possible that you may still have questions about our damp control system in Reading or perhaps about the types of problems that exist and the solutions that can be offered. For this, it is always possible to contact us without obligation. You can always get in touch with one of the damp experts who will be able to provide you with the right customized advice.

Do you live in the Reading region and have been struggling with a damp problem in your home for quite some time? Please contact us to make an appointment to have a free damp assessment carried out for the installation of the DryBrick system. Together we can find the solution to the damp problem in your home, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Damp control in Reading? SmartDry is the specialist you are looking for. Don’t wait too long, because this will only have a negative impact on your home, walls and on your own health.

Plan a free damp assessment

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