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Unlike traditional damp proofing treatments, the SmartDry DryBricks exploit natural airflow to draw moisture out of your walls, without the need for harmful chemicals or sealants. We’ve removed damp from over 30,000 properties and offer our 100% Damp Free Guarantee on all installations. We offer natural solutions for a natural problem.

What our customers say

  • Damp Proofing DryBricks

    James Smith

    Excellent service. Dedicated work and well executed. Courteous at all times, gave clear explanations of the work to be carried out and the benefits. Clean and thorough work done, can’t […]

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  • Paul Kelly

    Excellent company. Even the company owner visited after our installation and sorted out one minor problem immediately. They also revisited to check my system was working 11 months later and […]

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  • Damp Proofing Cheshire

    Patrick Jones

    A company to be trusted. I will certainly recommend them and their product to anyone with a problem of rising damp.

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  • Damp Proofing Chesterfield

    Damp Proofing - Chesterfield

    Throughout the process Smart Dry staff were helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. In every respect a most professional service and an effective system which we happily recommend to anyone with damp […]

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  • Diane Fray

    Efficient pleasant workman, punctual and polite. The damp proofing had made a tremendous difference to the condition and comfort of my home. I would recommend this company.

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  • Damp Proofing Whitby Yorkshire

    Damp Proofing Whitby Yorkshire

    Everything as promised, on time, clean and kept work, mess and noise to a minimum. I was even contacted later down the line to check my system was working and […]

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  • Damp Proofing Lincoln

    Damp Proofing Lincoln

    My house was suffering from damp, condensation and mould in all rooms. A year later and I can see it has been successful in eliminating all the damp problems. The company […]

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  • Damp Proofing Leicestershire

    Damp Proofing Leicestershire

    Excellent, everyone was extremely helpful and polite, work caused no disruption, rubble was taken away, work area was cleaned, I cannot thank or praise highly enough, my home is damp […]

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Why choose SmartDry damp solutions?

  • 35 Years in the Business

    We’ve removed damp from over 30,000 properties and have developed solutions that are better for the environment and come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Every installation comes with our lifetime damp-free guarantee. No strings. No conditions. Just peace of mind for life.

  • Research & Development

    Innovation is at the heart of our company. Extensive research and testing has proven just how effective the award-winning SmartDry solutions are at drying walls out and permanently protecting your property from damp.

  • No Replastering

    Unlike other damp removal solutions, our products are fitted from the outside of your home. This means no redecorating, no mess and most importantly – no stress.

  • Sustainable Solution

    Inspired by nature, SmartDry damp solutions rely solely on natural airflow to draw the moisture from your walls, use no harmful chemicals and produce no waste.

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What type of damp do I have?

  • Rising Damp

    • Damaged skirting boards and floorboards
    • Crumbling or salt stained plaster
    • Peeling paint and wallpaper
    • Tidemark along the wall up to 1 metre from ground level
  • Penetrating Damp

    • Patchy stains which look and feel damp
    • Damp on ceiling and top of walls
    • Damp walls on 1st floor and above
    • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Condensation

    • Black mould in corners or near windows
    • Damp walls on 1st floor and above
    • Damp and peeling wallpaper
    • Cold spots at bottom of walls

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