Moisture problems at home

6th June 2019 —

For a healthy living environment it is important that your house is dry. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in many homes, which means that you can suffer from moisture problems in your house. Moisture in the house is never good. Moisture can cause serious damage to the home and long-term moisture problems can affect the health of you and your family members. Naturally, moisture cannot always be prevented in the house. Consider domestic moisture that is released when showering or cooking. However, you should always address serious moisture problems that affect your home in a timely manner. Allowing the moisture problem to run its course always worsens the problems. In most cases, ventilation of the home plays a major role.

The consequences of a moisture problem in your house

If you suffer from a moisture problem, it is not always easy to find out what the cause of the problem is. You may experience symptoms that can arise with various moisture problems. The location of your moisture problem can also sometimes be problematic to find out. It is therefore wise to call in an expert such as SmartDry. They have extensive experience in finding out and solving moisture problems. What could be a possible cause of your moisture problems?


Condensation is one of the most common moisture problems in homes. If you suffer from condensation, then you have a ventilation problem. Especially nowadays, where the emphasis is on properly isolating homes, condensation is a problem. This is because homes can also be too well isolated, as a result of which moisture does not have a chance to leave the house and fresh air cannot enter your home.

Rising moisture

Rising moisture is primarily a problem in older homes. Nowadays, flood defenses are used as standard in new-build houses. This was not the case in the past. Older homes do not have a flood defense system, which gives soil moisture the chance to pull up through the bottom of the walls or through the basement. With rising damp you will mainly experience moisture problems on the underside of your walls.

Break out moisture

You can see the same symptoms with bursting fluid as with rising fluid. This is because resounding moisture is primarily a moisture problem in the walls of the house. Do you have old or damaged exterior walls? Then rainwater can easily draw in through the outside wall. The moisture then draws to the interior walls, resulting in moisture problems.


In the event of an acute major leakage on your water pipes, you will have to take immediate action because the consequences are immediately visible. But more often moisture problems due to leakage only appear after a while, because the leakage is very gradual. Pipes in homes are often concealed in or behind walls. If a leak occurs in a pipe, it is virtually impossible to find out where the leak is. It is advisable to call in an expert who can perform a leak detection to locate the leak.

The consequences of a moisture problem in your home

With a moisture problem in your home you can be confronted with various consequences. In most cases you will not be aware of anything and you will not notice the first symptoms until a while after the occurrence of the fluid problem. The consequences of moisture problems can be large. You can experience consequences at the home itself, but it can also have consequences for your health. Symptom control alone is not the right solution. You must tackle the source in case of moisture problems, otherwise you will continue to suffer from the consequences. What are some of the consequences of moisture problems in the home?

Fungi in the house

If you suffer from molds in the house, then you are sure that you have a moisture problem. You can recognize fungi by the often black spots on the wall. Usually mold is preceded by damp spots on the wall. Traces of fungi float through the air and can enter your home through open doors and windows. Mold spores are not dangerous, but if you have a damp home, mold spores will stick to the damp walls and ceilings. Here they grow into these ugly black mold spots. If you do nothing about it, mold can even retract the construction of your home and cause irreparable damage. In addition, fungi are responsible for respiratory complaints and all kinds of allergic complications. With mold you definitely have to tackle your moisture problem.

The house can no longer get hot

Another consequence of moisture problems is that you have difficulty heating your home. Especially with very damp walls and floors you will burn a lot more than is normally necessary. This also means that you have a much higher energy bill. Due to high humidity in the house, the house will be difficult to heat up anyway. You have to solve your moisture problem, so that you can save on your energy costs and your home can easily be heated again.

Musty smell or odor in the house

A moisture problem can also cause a constant musty smell in the house or even a bad smell. This is very annoying, especially if the smell is in your entire home. You will not even be able to receive visitors, because you naturally do not want them to be in this musty smell.

Wallpaper and plaster let go

One of the most recognizable consequences of moisture problems in your home is when wallpaper and plaster comes off your walls. This is mainly the result of moisture problems, in which the walls become moist. This will do no good to the appearance of your interior. New wallpaper and paint work only makes sense if the actual source of your moisture problem has been solved.

Solution with the DryBrick method

Many consequences of moisture problems can be prevented with adequate ventilation in your home. SmartDry therefore has a sustainable solution that does not require major renovations and does not involve the use of chemical agents. Our DryBrick method is completely environmentally friendly and based on adequate ventilation of the home with natural air. We place DryBricks over the entire house on the outside in the walls. The unique design of DryBricks ensures that your walls become completely dry within a few months and that they remain so. You also have no maintenance on the DryBricks and they are a permanent and guaranteed solution to solve your moisture problems and their consequences.

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