Damp problems in your house

6th January 2019 —

Signs of Damp
High humidity levels (RH) and wet walls cause many complaints and costs. To remedy this as quickly as possible, it is important to recognize the signs of a damp problem. What are the most common signs of damp?

-Mould spots in the form of grey-black spots on the wall, floor and/or ceiling
-Wallpaper coming off and crumbling plaster
-Cold and chilly indoor climate
-Musty smell
-Condensation on inside glass and frame
-High energy bill
-Drying the laundry takes longer
-Constant cold or allergies

Mould has all kinds of unpleasant consequences. It develops quickly in a moist environment. It leaves traces as soon as it is in your home. Once the mould gets in the air it can be inhaled and lead to health problems. Think of allergies, headaches, stuffy feeling and irritated skin.















Decrease in value of your home
The long-term impact of damp in your home affects the structure of your home. Wood will rot, wallpaper/stucco/painting work will come loose and in the worst case, it will even affect the foundation. Damp damage shortens the life of your home and makes the value plummet.

High energy bill
The drier a wall is, the lower the energy demand will be. A wall separates inside from outside and thereby acts as an insulator. There are many tiny cavities in a wall, whether it be insulated or not, that ensure a good insulation value. But as soon as a wall becomes full of moisture, the insulation value deteriorates considerably. In addition, moist air (high relative humidity) requires more energy to heat up. This is, of course, has an effect on your wallet and is bad for the environment.

How to solve damp problems
It is, of course, best to prevent damp problems. In wet rooms, it is important to regularly ventilate and open a window during peak times such as showering. However, once you suffer from damp problems in your home, we are happy to help you with a permanent and sustainable solution. The SmartDry DryBricks ensure

continuous drainage of moisture so that you can get rid of the problem forever, guaranteed! The DryBrick elements are placed every 45 cm just above floor height in a closed ring around your home. Each element has a drainage capacity of 266cc of moisture per 24 hours. This amounts to 10 buckets of moisture per element per year. That is water that you will remove from your walls forever!

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Many households in the UK suffer from moisture problems. This creates an unpleasant living situation that can even lead to health risks, mould, higher energy costs and damage to your home or building. Fortunately, SmartDry can prevent these problems for you and where necessary cure them. Read more below about the signals, consequences and solution for your damp problem.