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Damp Solutions that Work

As construction methods improve, buildings are becoming increasingly airtight. This is great for staying warm in the cold winter months but makes condensation more common as buildings are less breathable.

Walls need to breathe, and water needs to move. Our damp solutions actively treat water ingress by redirecting the movement of moisture from the walls to the outside environment.

Whatever the cause of the problem – rising damp, condensation or penetrating damp, SmartDry has a product to alleviate the problem.


Condensation Solved

General Information

Developed specifically for condensation problems, the DrySkirt is a porous skirting board that works by attracting condensation from the walls and expelling it outside. It does not require you to make any changes to your existing walls and will not impact the existing fabric of your property. This makes it ideal for listed buildings that have to adhere to strict renovation regulations.

Like all SmartDry damp solutions, DrySkirt relies solely on the flow of air and water to rid your property of damp caused by condensation.

If a condensation problem is particularly persistent, we can even install a small and silent ventilator to give nature a helping hand in speeding up airflow behind the skirting board. This is useful for areas of buildings that are closed off and don’t benefit from drafts when ventilated.

  • Ideal for listed buildings.
  • Does not interfere with the fabric of the building.
  • Relies solely on the natural flow of air.

Dryskirt - General -Information



A cool airflow from outside is directed into the grooved channels behind the skirting board (on the backside that makes contact with the wall and is not visible once installed).


The DrySkirt cools down to dew point level and condensation starts forming on the surface, extracting water vapor from the humid air that surrounds it.


The porous Bubblecrete material absorbs the moisture through capillary action and expels it to the outside by exploiting the airflow behind the skirting board.


Relative humidity of the interior climate is now lower, which makes the air healthier to breathe.


Each meter of Dryskirt can extract 0,32 litres of damp every 24 hours.


How is DrySkirt

The DrySkirt requires very light installation on the interior of your property. Some drilling is required to fix the skirting boards to the wall and we’ll need you to clear some space to allow us to work.

Dryskirt Installation

How long does the installation take?

The existing skirting board is removed and replaced with the porous DrySkirt. An average installation takes between 1-2 days.

To allow the moisture to be expelled to the outside, we’ll have to drill some small holes in the walls, but these create very little impact and are hardly noticeable.

When will I start to notice a difference?

You will start to notice the effects of the DrySkirt immediately as the interior climate starts to feel warmer and more comfortable.