DryBrick 2.0

Rising damp & condensation

General Information

Which damp problems
can be treated?

Whether it’s a condensation problem or rising damp, the SmartDry DryBrick 2.0 effectively alleviates both issues and improves your home’s air quality. We’ve widened the wingspan of the exterior element and improved its aerodynamics to allow 2.5 times more airflow than before.

But the innovations don’t stop there.

A new porous bubblecrete material has been specifically developed for our DewBricks- the interior shell installed in cavity walls. This absorbs up to 2.2 times more damp and has better insulating capabilities than ever before.

The DryBrick 2.0 works by creating a dew point close to the interior wall, which attracts the condensation and then expels it to the outside via the natural flow of air passing through the element. This creates cleaner air, dryer walls, improved insulation and reduced heat loss.

Dewbrick General Information



A dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air begins to condense. The DryBrick 2.0 exploits this by creating dew points on the interior walls in order to attract the damp away from the interior of the property and expel it outside.


When damp air comes into contact with the DryBrick’s 2.0 chamber or DewBrick made of bubblecrete porous section, condensation takes place, which draws water vapor from the air inside your home and from the wall.


The condensation is drawn into the chamber or the DewBrick through capillary action. Our DewBricks made of new and improved material can hold 2.2x more water damp than before.


Damp is constantly being extracted which effectively cures the visual effects of rising damp


Like the original DryBrick, the exterior airflow is guided into the interior of the DryBrick 2.0 via the aerodynamic wing, where it extracts the damp and dries out the wall.


How are DryBricks 2.0

Just like the original DryBricks, the improved DryBricks 2.0 are installed from the outside into the exterior walls.


Dewbrick Installation

How long does the installation take?

The average installation takes only 1 day to complete.

As soon as the installation is complete, we provide a full clean up to the outside of your property and the damp removal system will start working right away.


When will I start to notice a difference?

You will start to notice the effects of the DryBricks 2.0 immediately as the interior climate starts to feel warmer and more comfortable. After a couple of months the walls will get drier and the situation improves even more.