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How To Redecorate After Damp

11th March 2019 — Blog, Tips

Once you have taken the steps to protect your family from damp in your home, you can start considering redecorating. It is important to mention that simply painting over and replastering mould and patches of damp will do nothing to eradicate their cause, or the health problems they bring.

If you haven’t yet decided on the appropriate solution for your damp problem, then SmartDry is very likely to be the best option for you. Check out how this chemical-free brick can permanently solve your problems at

Once you have permanently solved your damp problem, you can begin the task of cleaning up the stains and smells left behind.


It would be easy to put a lick of paint over the affected area and pretend it was never there, but this will invariable produce disappointing results. Luckily there are only four steps anyone can follow to ensure a beautifully repainted wall, and the chance to forget the the damp problem was ever there.

1. Wash the Wall

You need to rid the wall of any traces of mould, fungus or mildew before you can paint over it. Surface cleaners are required to eradicate any staining and persistent growths which may continue to develop even when painted over. Your options include anti-mold solutions, fungicidal washes and mould and mildew cleaners.

2. Prepare the Wall

After your walls are cleaned it is time to prepare the surface for its fresh coat of paint. This includes; sanding rough edges, filling in holes and cracks, and generally just making sure your wall is dust and paint free with the use off a stiff brush.

3. Prime the Wall

It is extremely important you prime your wall, this reduces the risk that the stain will diffuse through your fresh paint and remain visible. There are many primers available which come in different forms.

4. Paint the Wall

Painting is the final and most satisfying step. Simply touch up the wall with the same paint used elsewhere. Let it dry naturally and enjoy your fresh damp-free wall.

Top Tip for working with paint- stir until it is thoroughly mixed, and then stir some more.

Repairing damp damage in the home can only be achieved if the source of the problems is treated from the source. Damp walls are unhealthy, unsightly and unrepairable without a permanent damp proofing solution in place. After installation, the Smart Brick begins removing damp instantaneously using nothing but the natural airflow around your home, and continues to work for the rest of your building’s existence. Find out more about our damp proofing solution today by visiting .

Health Risks of Damp

2nd December 2018 — Blog, Tips
“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” Rosalynn Carter, US First Lady from 1977 to 1981

The average person spends around 16 hours a day in their home, or around two thirds of their life. It is therefore no wonder that the air we breathe in our house can have profound health effects.

On average, people produce around 1.25 litres of moisture a day, through breathing, sweating and other household activities. If your home is not properly ventilated, this can cause condensation on windows, mould and other symptoms of a damp home.

A damp home is a breeding ground for mould, a fungi that thrives in humid environments. Inhaling mould spores and fragments causes a myriad of health problems.

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