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How can you get rid of damp
How can you get rid of damp

How can you get rid of damp?

Dampy damp, it’s a problem that occurs in many English homes. You may think that some damp spots on the wall is no big deal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Damp walls are very damaging- and not just for the house itself- high humidity levels indoors can cause various health problems. Getting rid of damp as soon is possible is not only important, but it’s good for your house and your health!

Possible damp problems

When you see some damp spots on the wall, you already know that you have a damp problem. What you might not know is what type of damp problem it is exactly. To get to the bottom of the issue, it’s best to have a damp expert look at it; but before giving the experts a call, there are a few ways you can identify the type of damp problem yourself. Rising damp is mainly visible at the bottom of the wall, just above the skirting board, and won’t reach higher than 1 meter; penetrating damp can be visible in the middle of the wall and mostly appears as a dirty stain, whilst condensation is usually visible on the windows and mainly occurs in homes with poor ventilation.

Damp problems in your house?

How else does damp appear?

In addition to water spots on the wall, there are a number of other warning signs that can lead you to believe that you have a damp problem. Here are some examples: the wallpaper may be peeling off, you can also often smell a musty scent and even sometimes the floor may warp (a little). Most of the time, however, the damp spots on the wall are clearly visible and, in time, mould will begin to grow on them. Mould is terrible for your health, so if you notice that you have a damp problem, don’t wait, be sure to have a specialist look at it.

With SmartDry DryBricks you take the damp out of the wall- for good.

SmartDry’s DryBricks are an ideal solution for damp walls. These elements are placed in the brickwork of the external wall of the property and ensure that the damp is removed from the wall, inside-out! These elements do not require external energy sources, the damp disappears from the wall by using natural airflow. The walls begin drying out immediately with visible results as early as 3 months and the quality of the DryBricks is so good that you receive a lifetime guarantee. Not only do the DryBricks take the damp out of the wall, but you will also notice that the indoor climate of the house will feel more comfortable.

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