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Penetrating damp during the rainy season
Penetrating damp during the rainy season

Greater chance of penetrating damp during the rainy season

The autumn months are of course known for large amounts of precipitation. If you haven’t ridden a bike through rain yet, you will be blown off your bike by the rain and the strong gusts of wind. There is no better time to stay inside, after all, it’s nice and warm and dry there, isn’t it? The wind and the heavy rainfall can also mean an attack on your house, especially with porous walls or when the facades are in poor condition. At time, because of the strong gusts of wind, the rain is blown almost horizontally against the wall, and if the outside walls are full of cracks, the water goes directly into the house. This is usually the cause of penetrating damp during the rainy season.

The consequences of rainwater penetrating through the walls

With large amount of rain, the walls of the house have to endure a lot. Some homes may have cavity walls, which offer more protection, but with large amounts of rain, it can still penetrate into the inner walls. When the water gets to the interior of the property, damp spots are created, mould starts growing and you can also get that nasty stale musty smell- let alone have wallpaper falling off the walls. In most cases you can prevent these issues by treating the external walls of the house. You can either render the walls with a breathable render or you can repoint the walls. However, once your walls are wet, you need to dry them out, and no render or repointing will help with drying out the wet walls- for that you should call a damp specialist company like SmartDry.

Damp problems in your house?

Tackle penetrating damp in your home quickly!

The later you discover that you have penetrating damp, the more complicated the issue becomes and the consequences become worse. Penetrating damp has a two-fold process, first you must identify the problem- is it a leak? or is it bad pointing? Or maybe it’s the guttering, or the roof? Once the source of the issue is identified, then the second step must be taken to actively dry out the wall. Unsure if you have penetrating damp? Have it checked by one of our damp control specialists. You can request a damp survey free of charge.

The DryBricks – the bricks that dry out your wet walls

When a damp survey has been done by one of our damp experts and we have identified the issue and are able to solve them, then you can choose to equip the walls with SmartDry’s DryBricks. This ingenious air circulation system ensures that the damp problem is solved in a natural way. Your damp is solved without the use of external energy sources. Each DryBrick can remove up to 266 cubic centimetres of water per 24 hours. If you are a victim of penetrating damp or rising damp, SmartDry’s DryBricks will completely dry out the walls- guaranteed.

Plan a free damp assessment

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