Mrs. Turnbridge

Project: Damp Proofing Semi-Detached house
Location: Warwickshire – Kenilworth – Royal Leamington Spa
Type of walls: Solid brick – Plastered
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Condensation
Built in: 1959

We have had SmartDry DEW bricks installed in the spring of 2013 and are starting to notice the differences about now. We expect that with this new damp proofing system, the coming winter will be much more comfy than the last, which is great because we are planning to celebrate Christmas at our house this year!

We would just like to add how impressed we were by the overall service of SmartDry. There was good and fast communication with the office, and we liked the fact that the person who came to survey the damp problems was a real technician who could tell us a lot about the damp problems and was not just another sales person. We were away during the installation, but we had a neighbour overlook the work and when we came back everything looked just as it was, except for the new bricks in the wall, which can hardly be seen at all.