Mrs. Silcock

Project: Damp Proofing End Terrace House
Location: Bootle – Liverpool – Merseyside
Type of walls: Solid brick – Painted
Damp Problems: Rising Damp and Condensation
Built in: 1930-ies

We’ve had some damp proofing done in 2008, the walls were injected with some chemicals but to our great dissatisfaction, the walls stayed wet and cold and the watermarks did not disappear at all. In fact they even got worse! We were introduced to SmartDry by our neighbour who had it done a year after our chemical damp proofing affair, and she was very positive about the system. We gave it some time to see if it really worked, and after waiting for 2.5 years, we were impressed enough to go for it ourselves. So we had the damp proofing installed in September 2012 and now a bit more than a year later, the results are astonishing. It actually works much better than the traditional damp proofing. Several neighbours are now catching up on this damp proofing solution.